Let me tell you a story about…yellow

L*****— is a relatively normal(boring) girl who due to some massive good luck managed to snag a stay in Romania due to some scholarship or whatever. More importantly, she has nostrils like little black holes. True, all nostrils involve the existence black holes but hers are so unusually round and prominent that the eye can’t help but follow all the way into what is probably an otherwise normal nasal cavity. I was so completely transfixed by the sick wonder of this woman’s nose that I had completely missed what I’m sure was a valuable part of this story. She was in Romania, and somehow due to completely average circumstances ended up in a bar in *******(some small city in the northern part). At the bar she drank up on cheap vodka shots and talked to other English speakers when she noticed her palm itching. She went for a cigarette and walked around discreetly scratching her palm with the edge of her passport in the depths of her pockets. When she came to a bench she stopped and observed with the light of her cellphone that deep in the crevices of her palm there where little yellow lines. The streams of yellow all met at the web of her fore-finger and thumb. The yellow itself was about the same shade as if it had been colored in by yellow high-liter. She went back to the bar. A chubby bearded drunk man walked up to her and said “Heyooooo” and threw up all over her. The color of the puke was a bright yellow. She then cried. That morning she checked her palms and the itch and the yellow was gone. The smell didn’t leave her coat for two weeks. She swears it was an omen. Fun fact: I puked in front of her once, and so by virtue of that, I am connected to to chubby beard.